Katrina DiBiase

Senior Mortgage Advisor

Mortgages are not a dollars-and-cents business. They’re a people business. And no one understands that better than Kate DiBiase. Ranked the top female loan officer in Maine in 2020-2023, she credits her determination to a seamless process and providing her clients with the best possible fits for their mortgage needs.

It's rare you find someone who's always "on the clock" like Kate. Once, while waiting in line at Target, she overheard someone saying they couldn’t get a preapproval for a home loan. Kate turned around, introduced herself, and ended up handling the pre-qualification on a computer in the parking lot. Or consider Memorial Day, a few years back. Rather than taking a day off, you could find Kate at the home of a disabled veteran, installing handrails so he could close his home loan.

Kate brings a strong customer service background to every client, combining an astute attention to detail with the willingness to go the extra mile to ensure a complete mortgage experience. For new home purchases and mortgage refinances, clients find Kate to be responsive, attentive, and always willing to offer feedback. And clients keep coming back - some buying 3 or 4 homes through loans they secured with Kate's help. She even regularly attends spin class with a client she met through her work.

Her knowledgeable approach to every mortgage product - and her unique eye for detail - make Kate DiBiase an ideal match for anyone looking for a new home purchase or a mortgage refinance.

Katrina DiBiase

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